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Bachata Advanced

Bachata Ladystyling

Bachata Basic

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Bachata is a danceable rhythm that results from the mix of different music from all over the Caribbean. A combination of Cuban, rhythmic bolero and merengue that, together with local folklore, sowed the germ of a new musical sound. However, this rhythm did not have its own entity until the eighties of the twentieth century when the media spread, throughout the world, the songs of musicians such as Juan Luis Guerra, obtaining great acceptance. It is currently considered a joyful rhythm that, as its name suggests, can not be missed in any festive social gathering. To dance the rhythm of the Bachata, an own format has been composed that shares elements with other Caribbean rhythms. Thus, his dance consists of a series of simple steps that produce a movement from front to back, or from side to side; and that always starts with the left foot (for leader) and right foot(follower). It is a four-stroke dance, in which you have to fit displacements and turns, which requires a great rapport with the couple.

Goal of the course:

  • Open you the door to the real culture of bachata through dance.
  • Bachata was born in Dominican Republic and perfected over many years.
  • Master the technique of leading/following, footwork and styling for both leaders and followers.
  • At DWG we focus on Dominican Bachata as well as the Bachata Sensual, so you will get the basis to improve in both styles after.
  • Preparation for the intermediate level.


  • Master the basics
  • Understanding of what bachata music and dance is
  • 1,2,3,4 5,6,7,8 this is how we count bachata
  • Posture, frame and connection to the partner
  • Here are some of the step combinations that will be though:
  • Basics, inside and outside turn, basic with cha cha cha, basic with cross, hand turn technique, Hammerlock, Cuddle, Rompe, leader spin, footwork, hear rolls, body isolation, shadow position, hand throws, drops and styling, and more.

So what are you waiting for?

DWG Levels:
Basic → Improver → Intermediate → Advanced

After the basic course, you can continue with the Bachata improver level.


Become a sensual dancer or enjoy the joyful Dominican bachata style. At the DanceWithGeorge bachata courses, you will learn all types of bachata: Dominican, sensual and also bachata moderna. Our aim is to make you learn how to dance any of the bachata styles in a natural, entertaining and fun way by feeling and performing the music at all times, encouraging communication and social skills.

You will learn to use the space, you will know the techniques of leading and following as a couple and you will improve the listening of the different rhythms and cadences in music (musicality). Skills and competencies will be developed both in individual and couple dance, in each style and at different levels, developing motor skills, body knowledge, self-confidence and improving self-esteem.

You can also meet people with similar tastes and discover the most enjoyable social experience at Friday’s socials for salsa and bachata. All of the above with a didactic, fun and motivational character.


Bachata Lady Styling, oh, or Love for Ladies. You’re probably wondering what it means …

Styling is a technique by which you learn: body postures, body isolations, waves, footwork, spins, hands, typical female movements, and basic movements that a woman performs in latino dances, with or without a partner.

This idea started from the desire to give the young ladies a special moment dedicated to them, a unique course. This is the basis on which we must gradually add a step, a new dance style. Styling is one of the most important defining elements in the dance floor, because it represents more than knowing the dance itself.

Bachata Lady Styling is an open, dynamic course with a warm and fun atmosphere where our teachers will enchant you, and for an hour you will be floating in the Bachata world.

Because the little pleasures of life are when you can do any activity in two, by yourself, we have created this special course for you. You do not believe? Let’s convince you.

Choreo Course

Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba – 2 months duration

For the dancers that want to perform in shows at festivals more than two months of practice is required.

It’s your time to shine! 

Our choreography course offers you the possibility to do shows, perform at international festivals, be part of our DanceWithGeorge show group or just learn cool choreographies together with other dancers from our school.

Every 6 months our teachers will start a new choreography.

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