Corona Information

Dear DWG dancers,

We have good news. We are finally allowed to open our dance school 🙂 

And we start with an AMAZING OFFER for all customers that will buy a new package: 50% discount, for you and your friends, if you bring one or more friends and both/all of you buy a Large Package, Flexi Package or a All You Can Dance Package. For the discount you and your friend/s need to buy the package at original price(not discounted) and when all of you have bought it send an email at asking for the discount. Make sure you write your full name and the full names of your friend/s in the email. The email has to be sent latest 5 days after you bought the package.

1. Corona information
  1. Limited number of participants
  2. NO TEST NEEDED if the INCIDENCY/INZIDENZ is under 50. Over 50 you need to be tested, vaccinated or recovered
  3. Individual registration is possible and needed. There is no need to register as a couple but everyone registers on their own.
  4. Please put on the masks in the entrance and sanitary areas and keep your distance. There is a disinfectant spray in the entrance area and in the toilets.

2. Dance courses

Starting 7th June 2021 we will have courses in our school again:
Step 1: You need to buy or unfreeze your package on our registration system (SkedFlex).

Step2: Prepare yourself a partner using our Telegram groups on our home page . Join the groups and ask for a partner in the group. Both you and your partner need to be registered for the courses you are attending.

For further information and to plan a private lesson, please send us an e-mail:

Private lessons:
See our meny “Private Lesson” in the “Workshops/Offers” menu and send us an e-mail:

Online classes on our platform:
Even if the courses are not held at the school, you can use our online website for live-streaming and tutorials. We already have over 700 videos, and 7 to 12 new videos are added weekly. DanceWithGeorge customers can pay only 25€ per month for each dance style instead of 35€, or €50 per month for all dance styles instead of 85€. Use the promo code “PACKNDANCE” when registering to get the discount. You can enjoy all our videos for all levels: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Urban Kiz, Tarraxinha, Lady & Men Styling, Zumba, Hip Hop, Yoga, Dancers Workouts and more.

Payment for is separate from payment for our regular packages with DanceWithGeorge. One has nothing to do with the other.

If you have any questions, please call or write us:
+49 172 4513580

3. Support DanceWithGeorge with a donation

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IBAN: DE59700700240284394401

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