Bachata Tips & Tricks with Paula & Sebastian


All Level

Date & Time

Sa. 11.01.2020
16:00 – 18:00


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A new year starts and with it a new chance to bring your dance skills to the next level!

You want to meet new friends in the amazing Munich Bachata community, impress your dance partner with cool new moves and tricks or simply spice up your creativity on the dance floor? Then do not hesitate and join Paula and Sebastian in their Bachata Tips & Tricks workshop.

In this workshop, Paula and Sebastian will show some cool tips and tricks that are easily applicable on the social dance floor and will put a smile on the face of your  dance partner. No matter how much experience with Bachata you already have,  whether beginner or advanced dancer, these tricks will make your dance more  fun and you will be able to execute them with any dance partner! The focus of 
the workshop will be the technique of these tricks, how they can be integrated into your overall dance as well as general tips that will enhance your overall dance skills.

About the teachers:
Trained in Barcelona by world class dancers Frank Santos and Gatica Brodin, Paula (Spain) and Sebastian (Germany) make it their mission to bring the unique style of Bachata Fusion, a mix of traditional Bachata Dominican footwork and the more modern Spanish Bachata Sensual to Germany