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Basic courses next dates

Bachata Basic (Thursday) - 03.08.2023

Salsa Basic (Thursday) - 03.08.2023

Salsa Basic (Friday) - 01.09.2023

Bachata Basic (Monday) - 04.09.2023

Kizomba Basic (Tuesday) - 05.09.2023

Salsa Basic (Wednesday) - 06.09.2023

Salsa Basic (Monday) - 02.10.2023

Bachata Basic (Thursday) - 05.10.2023

Salsa Basic (Thursday) - 05.10.2023

Salsa Basic (Wednesday) - 01.11.2023

Salsa Basic (Friday) - 03.11.2023

Bachata Basic (Monday) - 06.11.2023

Kizomba Basic (Tuesday) - 07.11.2023

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Bachata Musicality Workshop
→ 02. September 2023 / 1 x 60 Min - 25€


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DanceWithGeorge offers you not only dance courses but also other great opportunities to develop your skills and grow.

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In addition to the courses we offer, we regularly offer workshops to deepen individual focal points or additional topics.

Private Lesson

Do you need personal guidance in your evolution as a dancer. Our system of private classes will make you become the dancer you have always dreamed of in a very short time.

Wedding Dance

Celebrating your big day with an amazing wedding dance. Our teachers will build a choreography made on a song of your choosing.

We at DWG


Our motivation is to create a dancing community that not only has classes but also goes to the events togethershares dancing experiences and spreads this passion to others. Our dedication drives us and makes us develop.

A Team of Passionate Dancers

We make dance lessons easy and fun, create a pleasant atmosphere and provide you not only with the qualified dancing experiences but also open to you the world of social dancing in the form of international workshops, parties, and travels.

Our team of teachers bring in a diverse experience and have plenty of knowledge to share. Some come from a professional stage and are ready to deliver the technique and details of becoming a great dancer. Some come from passion and desire to dance, are willing to share their way from beginners to masters, give tips on how to overcome difficulties and gain confidence on the dance floor.
We work together as a team for more than 7 years and managed to successfully graduate several generations of dancers, that continue living the passion all over Europe.

Profilbild George
George Daniel Cimpeanu

DWG Founder & Owner, Kizomba, Urban Kiz, Salsa, Bachata, Hip Hop, Tarraxinha

George Daniel Cimpeanu is a choreographer, instructor, and dancer. He has danced ballet and modern dance professionally for over 10 years. He has studied in the “Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza” in Madrid and has gained the title of a choreographer. In 2013 his passion for kizomba brought him to dedicate his life to teaching and coaching other teachers in kizomba & urban kiz in his own dance school in Munich and also at many international festivals all over the world.

Profilbild Janine
Janine Hofmann

DWG Co-Founder, Online Offline Support, Web Administrator

Profilbild Iva
Iva Rudat

Manager, Kizomba, Urban Kiz, Tarraxinha, LadyStyling, Customer-Support

Iva Rudat is an instructor and dancer, and since childhood she was always obsessed with dancing. At the age of 7 she started to dance ballet until 2003 when she decided to try new dances like modern, hip hop and pole dance. In 2017 she met kizomba and fell in love with her first social dance. Since then she started her dance education in kizomba, urban kiz and bachata. Now she is travelling to international festivals teaching lady styling and urban kiz with her partner George Daniel Cimpeanu.

Gary Jasor


Gary is a French kizomba teacher who has been dancing for 7 years. Influenced by his Caribbean origins (especially its zouk music, dance, and culture) he’s developed a strong passion for kizomba. Both zouk and kizomba represent joy, fun, and also sharing new experiences and feelings, but Gary has also learned over the years, that methodologies and well-defined teaching points are very important to master new dancing skills. The reason why he focuses on giving clear advice without neglecting the most important part: having fun and sharing it!

Profilbild Vera
Vera Gebhardt

Kizomba, Ginga Yoga

In 2015 Vera was pushed by her sister to join a dance class at DWG not knowing that this would be the beginning of a love story. After a short flirt with Bachata, she fell in love with Kizomba.
For Vera the meaning of dancing lies in creating a deep connection with herself as well as with her dance partner.
Through teaching she seeks to inspire others to explore their own way too deeply connect with themselves and their partners.

Magdalena Nick

Salsa Colombiana, Lady Styling, Bachata

Magdalena Nick joined DWG as a dancer and instructor in 2020. After spending 10 years with modern and jazz dance during her childhood, in 2014 she joined her first Salsa class and was immediately in love. Since then, she attended classes and festivals in different countries before finally getting the idea of sharing her passion with others by becoming an instructor. Her specialty is Salsa LA but apart of that she is really into Salsa Colombiana, Lady Styling and Bachata.

Profilbild Sabina
Sabina Markeviciute

Salsa, Kizomba

First time I had a taste of salsa in 2014 and in 2018 I have decided to go all in dedicating all my free time for dancing. Salsa and bachata are my strong points but I am open to kizomba and tango as well. The most important, after all, is to connect with yourself and your partner. Also, I always say that every dance brings out different energy: salsa is fun, bachata is sensual, and kizomba/tango is all about connection, but for all of them there is one truth: once you start, you will not be able to stop. And that is what happened to me.

Profilbild Melanie
Melani Corrado
Profilbild Lisa

Kizomba, Bellydance

Lisa’s dance life started at the age of 3 with Bellydance and never stopped. She also took classes in other styles like Hip Hop, Salsa, Standard, Swing, Tribal, and Modern Mixed Styles. Always trying to develop and learn new styles she fell in love with Kizomba and Bachata. Her specialty lies in combining modern dance moves with the sensual and joyful Bellydance Style. Lisa is a passionate teacher as well who seeks to pass on her love for dancing.

Balakrishna Gone
Profilbild Szimona
Szimona Zaharieva

Bachata, Kizomba, Salsa

Szimona has been dancing from an early age, she first started with acrobatic rock’n’roll and later synchronised swimming. She fell in love with bachata 8 years ago, out of all places in Scotland. Since then, she has lived and danced in many countries including Spain and Germany. Szimona started teaching in early 2022 in Munich. She dances bachata, kizomba and salsa and especially enjoys lady styling. She enjoys teaching the international language of dance to share her passion of connecting to people through dance.



Experienced bachata teacher.
- Common dance experience - 14 years
- Bachata dancing experience - 9 years, 7 years of them - teaching too.
- Founder of her own dance school in Ukraine.
- Winner and prize-winner of a lot of championships as a follower and as a leader as well (teachers category).
- Judge experience of several bachata competitions.

Prafull Mohite


We are a creative and high spirited team of dance teachers that love sharing their passion for dance with you.

Our motivation is to create a dancing community that not only enjoys dance classes but also goes to events and international festivals together, exchange dancing experiences and share their passion with others.


Our dance school with two large rooms is located in the centre of Munich, 10 minutes walk from the main station and Stachus near the Deutsches Theater.

"Sehr gute Lehrer. Man sollte sich nicht von der Location abschrecken lassen. Die Tanzschule ist super."

- Martin

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