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Starting Monday 7th June 2021 we will have courses in our school again. OUR SCHEDULE WILL BE POSTED ON TUESDAY 1st of JUNE, so starting then everyone can register for the courses:
Step 1: You need to buy or unfreeze your package on our registration system (SkedFlex).

Step2: Prepare yourself a partner using our Telegram groups on our home page (see the information bellow “FIRST TIME REGISTRATION”). Join the groups and ask for a partner in the group. Both you and your partner need to be registered for the courses you are attending.

50% DISCOUNT(new customers), for you and your friends. Bring one or more friends(new customers) and both/all of you buy a Large Package, Flexi Package or a All You Can Dance Package to receive the discount.

Step 1: Buy the packages in our shop.

Step 2: Send an Email to info@dancewithgeorge.com with both your names.

Due to the COVID strict regulations please go to our “Corona Info” Menu.

First time registration

Registration English – VIDEO   Anmeldung Deutsch – VIDEO   Registro Español  – VIDEO

Due COVID19 (more information in our FAQ), dancing will be permited PREVIOUS REGISTRATION & ONLY WITH PREREGISTERED DANCE PARTNER.  Do you need a partner? Click the button bellow.



Dear customers join our online dancing platform DanceLiveTV.com and experience the Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Lady & Men Styling, Yoga, Dancers workout, Split challenges, and more from the commodity of your home.

*Sign up this month and pay only 25€/month instead of 35€/month with our discount code “PACKNDANCE”.

  • Monthly cancellation possible
  • Full access to all our single dances modality: Lady & Men Styling, Dancers workouts, Split challenge and stretching, Yoga, Zumba, and Hip Hop.
  • Full access to all the partner dances modality: Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba.
  • Pay 35€/month(25€ with discount) and get full access to all both single and partner modalities

Only 35€/month*

Please notice! Registration for our courses is mandatory.
If you register a new account in our system it will take a few hours until the account can be fully used.


Download the DWG IOS App and have the course schedule and your booked lessons always at hand.

DWG Android App

Download the DWG Android App and have the course schedule and your booked lessons always at hand.

Our Class System

The right course for every level. But how exactly does it look like?

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How to book your class

We have changed our class booking system a bit. Easier and clearer.

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We offer different packages for you. There is guaranteed something for you.

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If you have questions about our dance school, the courses, the registration system, etc.,  have a look first at our frequently asked questions, you might find the answer there.

Special Workshops

Urban Kiz Workshop w/Alagie (Fajul) every Monday in July

Urban Kiz Workshop w/Alagie (Fajul) every Monday in July

Urban Kiz Workshop w/Alagie (Fajul) every Monday in July Alagie is a well know Urban Kiz teacher and is specialised in Tarraxinha, Tarraxa/o and Urban Kiz. The focus will be put on the precise leading and following, clear corrections and tips, based on the PackNDance...

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Something for everybody

DanceWithGeorge offers you not only dance courses but also other great opportunities to develop your skills and grow.

5€ trial lesson

Try our new courses now for a limited time for only 5€ per hour. Book this package in our registration system.

Wedding Dance

Celebrating your big day with an amazing wedding dance. Our teachers will build a choreography made on a song of your choosing.

DWG Gift Card

Our DanceWithGeorge Gift Card are the ideal gift. Invite your friends, acquaintances and family join the amazing world of dance.

Fitness Dance

Dance, burn calories and get in shape. Our Hip Hop, Zumba and Afro Classes are the funnest way to sweat those extra kilos away.

Private Lesson

Do you need personal guidance in your evolution as a dancer. Our system of private classes will make you become the dancer you have always dreamed of in a very short time.

All You Can Dance

You don’t get enough of our classes. With the All You Can Dance package you have access to all our courses.


We are a creative and high spirited team of dance teachers that love sharing their passion for dance with you.

Our motivation is to create a dancing community that not only enjoys dance classes but also goes to events and international festivals together, exchange dancing experiences and share their passion with others.


Our dance school with two large rooms is located in the centre of Munich, 10 minutes walk from the main station and Stachus near the Deutsches Theater.

"Sehr gute Lehrer. Man sollte sich nicht von der Location abschrecken lassen. Die Tanzschule ist super."

– Martin

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