Urban Kiz Lifts & Tricks with Alagie



Date & Time

Su. 21.06.2020
17:00 – 19:00


Book “Small Workshop”

‘Lifts and Tricks in UrbanKiz’,  will be a two hour Workshop with Alagie, focusing on the technique of technical lifts. While this is an all levels class, some experience in UrbanKiz is recommended, as participants will be expected to have prior knowledge to the basic steps and leading.

Here you will learn:
– how to dance when the music starts and adapt your moves according to the music
– how  to step with footwork
– various steps  and styling elements you can explore to move nice on the floor with your partner
you can use on the dance floor without  leading
body movements to feel more confident and free on the dancefloor
Additionally we will explain some tips for spins and turns, general technique, musicality and many other things…”