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Date & Time

Part 1
FR, 12.08.2022

Part 2
FR, 26.08.2022

18:30 – 19:30


Book “Small Workshop” or 2x”Single Workshop”

Want to enjoy Bachata even more? Do you hear the tum tu-tu-tum tum tum, or the takite takite taka, but you’re doing 1-2-3-hip?

In this two-part bachata footwork workshop, you will experience, through a carefully designed choreograph, different ways to express different bachata rhythms!

This is for everyone, followers and leaders. At the end of this course, your feet will be faster, and more importantly, the prison of the bachata basic step, will start to disappear, and you will dance more closely to the music (and be able to understand that dance partner who does ‘crazy’ footwork whilst dancing with you)!