Date & Time

Tu 13.01.2022
19:40 – 21:50


Book “Small Workshop”

– Ginga is rhythm.
– Ginga is creativity.
– Its the opposite of boring.
– Its having fun.
– It is grace.
– Its being fluid.
– It is soul.
– It is dance.

When you’re dancing, you to have love who you are, love how you move, love how it makes you feel and then love how you can connect with your dance partner when you dance.

That’s how you find your Ginga!

This workshop is about giving you tools and ideas about how to make this journey easier.

Goal of the workshop:
Lern how to move naturally and express yourself on the dance floor without disturbing your partner in the leading/following process.
Find your own Ginga in different techniques to move your hips and different parts of your body naturally.
Learning tools how to move yourself are very important to gain the confidence you need to enjoy dancing and shine on the dance floor.

– Mindset tricks to find your Ginga
– Include your natural femininity and elegance in your dancing
– Express your Musicality
– Tricks & tips how you can improve your following
– Body isolation
– Shines, styling and footwork
– Ability to create your own dance vocabulary
– Learning of a Choreography