Lady & Men Styling Workshop with Iva & George



Date & Time

23. November 2019

Women and men separated

Women and men together


3h = 45€
(Large Workshop)

Bring your dance to the next level. Learn styling from Iva and George in a workshop where the women will be practicing with Iva alone for 85 minutes and the men with george the same. Afterwards we will practice everything with the partner and also learn a cool new step combination.


  • learn how to styling during the following/leading without disturbing the partner. Learn how to choose the right moments when to do it and what you can do.
  • focus on body isolation while leading/following
  • focus on leg slides and leg connection
  • focus on syncopation and bodyweight control
  • footwork and step cleanes
  • Momentum, preleading, and multitasking
  • Improvisation on the music without partner
  • an original step combination that you will take with you home
  • learn Iva & George style and adapt it to your own style