Deciphering the Bachata to Boost your Musicality Skills with Aida & Damian



Date & Time

Sa. 21.12.2019
18:00 – 20:00


Book “Small Workshop”

Spoiler alert! In this workshop, we will neither teach you a choreography nor repeat the same song for 2 hours.
With this workshop we expect to help you improving your interpretation skills for any song…well, ok, let’s not exaggerate, but at least for every bachata ;). We will go over the history and evolution of the bachata, to understand how the favorite music and dance of the poor people in a small country in Central America became one of the most popular and fancy social dances in the entire world.
We will decipher how the bachata is musically composed, to adapt not only the figures but our dance style to each song and its different parts. And since this is a dance workshop, we will also provide you with some cool examples (figures, yes, FIGURES!) to illustrate everything that we learn.

A brief introduction to the history and evolution of the bachata
As music (Traditional, Modern, Remixes)
As a dance (Dominican, Modern, Sensual, Fusion)
Instruments played in bachata
The three rhythms that compose the bachata
Music structure and pattern
How to adapt your…
basic step,
Dance style / energy / intention
… to every type of rhythm and part of the song? (Examples!)

What to do…
During the intro of a song
At a break (on 1 and on 5)

How to dance/interpret a song that I do not know?
I learn only sensual bachata, is that enough? (is that actually only sensual?)